Another fabulous year with our week-long Global Schools Programme. This year’s programme, which focused on sustainable transport, had the TY’s learn about and explore the Sustainable Development Goals, the impact our actions have at both a local and global level and how to take action on these issues. The TY’s knocked it out of the park when they delivered their workshops to primary school students across Waterford – most even think we should ban car journey’s that are less than 2km!!

Did you know cars, vans, trucks, and buses produce more than 70% of transportation greenhouse gases? That’s us driving around and getting stuff brought to us.

Every year we are stunned by the hard work, engagement, and ideas developed by the Transition Year students from around Waterford City. Huge thanks to the students and teachers from this year’s programme: Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School, St. Angela's Ursuline Secondary School, Presentation Secondary School, De La Salle College, Newtown School, Abbey Community College and Mount Sion CBS.

This programme is supported by Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools.

The Global Schools Programme has been running for over 20 years providing peer teaching and learning training to Transition Year students from around Waterford. The programme focuses on promoting Global Citizenship Education which is education centred around what’s going on in our world, critically thinking about and exploring these issues and how they interlink with our everyday lives.