Did you know that only 7% of our oceans are protected but scientists say that we need to safeguard at least 30%?

World Ocean Day is celebrated every June 8th and this years theme is Life and Livelihoods. It was established to remind us how important our seas and oceans are and to encourage us to help protect them. But why should we? Well for one thing scientists estimate that 50-80% of the worlds oxygen is produced by the ocean via it’s marine plants and mostly by marine algae. It also absorbs about 30% of the carbon dioxide we produce so it acts as a pretty important buffer between us and the detrimental impacts of global warming due to CO2.

So how can you get involved or help? Well there are loads of things you can do. You could start simply by participating in a two minute beach clean. You can make sure not to litter and dispose of your rubbish correctly. You can make sure not to flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. You can watch videos or talks on the impacts on the ocean. You can join an ocean protection or environmental groups. You can sign petitions. You can spread the word by talking to friends or family about the simple things we can all do. If you want more information or  access to great free resources check out either of these two websites: https://unworldoceansday.org/un-world-oceans-day-2021/ or https://worldoceanday.org/

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