Using our own energy to get around has loads of benefits - it’s good for the environment and it’s good for us! Plus, it can be really fun chatting with your friends about how you got on and sharing stories. If your employer is signed up, you can even get a bike through the bike to work scheme. Let’s get going on our legs, bikes, skates, rollerblades, or unicycles! Organising a sustainable transport day couldn’t be easier, check out our step-by-step guide below to get you started.

1. Form a Team – The organizer doesn’t need to have all the answers, the most impactful events come from different voices and experiences joining together to achieve a shared goal. It also means the workload can be shared out. When thinking about who to approach consider:

  • i.Parents
  • ii. People in power (local government, managers, principals, teachers, etc.)
  • iii. Community organisers/leaders
  • iv. People active in the community
  • v. Youth Groups
  • vi. Businesses

2. See if there are any other events happening that you could join up with. Active Cities is a project focused on getting people moving, has lots of different events and you can also contact them to get involved. Click here for Active Cities Website, News and Events or contact Elaine Mullane at

3. Make sure there is somewhere for people to store/lock up their bikes, skateboards, etc.

4. Pick a date.

5. Create an Incentive - Have spot prizes for those who participate, a small bag of sweets or even a gold star to say well done are nice little touches. If there are local businesses who’d be willing to give a voucher, these would be great!

6. Optional – Pick a theme. This can be a great way to insert some fun and have great pictures from the day.

7. Spread the word. Use word of mouth, social media, email, chat forums, text, posters, etc. to let everybody know what you’re planning and when.

8. Make a group where people can share hints, tips, ideas, and pictures.

9. In the weeks leading up to the day check in with people. Let them know they can go Renew Enterprises for free bike checks or get them checked in a local bike shop. Renew will also repair your bike for only the cost of parts. See if there’s anybody who’s tentative about riding and see if there are experienced bike champions who’d be willing to bike with them a few times in the run up to the event.

10. For pictures, print out some sheets saying things like “Two Wheels are Better than Four! I Biked Today” or “Zero Emissions – I Biked Today”

11. Make sure everybody is safe. Remind them to check their equipment and wear helmets, protective gear, and hi-vis jackets. You can order hi-vis materials for free from the RSA - Click Here

12. The big day – Have fun!! Take lots of fun pictures with everybody and get them to share their stories. See if you can make it a regular thing, WOW COW (Walk/Cycle on Wednesdays).

Did you know? Up to 10 bikes can be parked in every space it takes to park 1 car. Imagine how much space we could free if more people cycled!