January was all about stopping food waste, so we made some bitesize videos of the biggest offenders to help. Did you know you could save money and help the planet by not wasting food? We chuck €60 worth of food in the bin EVERY MONTH. That’s a lot of money. Food waste impacts the climate too because 8-10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions comes from wasted food. Check out the links to our videos below. Our year of sustainability is in full swing!

Salad leaves - we've all had that bag in the end of the fridge that's looking sad, and we don't know what to with it. This simple, quick, all-in-one recipe will solve that problem. Click Here - Salad Pesto

You BREAD my mind! Our solution to bread waste? Dried breadcrumbs! Here's our recipe and it lasts for AAAGES on the shelf. This will give a perfect crisp coating to chicken, tofu, pork, you name it. Click Here - Bread

That’s BANANAS! I bet you’ve thrown away A LOT of bananas when they’ve gone brown. Here’s a delicious, and easy, recipe that’s perfect for those. Click Here - Bananas