a thought-provoking workshop took place as part of this year’s Imagine Arts Festival in collaboration with Waterford SLí and Mad jessie. Artivism is a form of activism that uses art as a medium to address social, political and environmental issues. It combines creativity with a powerful message to provoke thought, raise awareness, and inspire action. Art + Activism = Artivism. 

What a fabulous, thought-provoking workshop we had with Waterford's Comhairle na nÓg! They focused on the pressing issue of rising sea levels while delving deep into their collective memories of water and our seas and hopes for the future. Guided by experts in art and environmental education participants from all backgrounds shared personal stories about and concerns about the ecological changes facing our sea. The climax of the workshop came with the creation of art pieces that visually encapsulated their vison of the challenges posed by rising sea levels and their hopes and ideas for change. This artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the global imperative to address rising sea levels, emphasizing that the time for action is now. 

By embracing the power of creativity and collective action, ‘Turning Tides’ explored a path towards a more sustainable future for our oceans and seas. It has highlighted the profound impact of art in inspiring positive change.