As part of our new European project, People & Planet, we are putting together a Youth Advisory Climate Council (YACC) for ages 16-35. We wish to encourage active participation in political and social institutions and mechanisms to achieve action on climate and sustainability issues. The main goal of the project is to draft proposals for action that decision makers can and should implement at local, national and global levels. This work will consist of reflecting on sustainable lifestyles, both individual and collective, and drafting policies to promote these lifestyles, behavioural changes and/or address a specific issue related to sustainability. We will meet up in person about twice a year but will also be in contact every few weeks to knowledge share and listen to ideas. Members will even have the opportunity in year four to engage with our other European partners in Portugal to reflect on all the proposals. This is your chance to not only have your voice heard but codified in policy and we’re providing the mechanism to do this. Does this sound like something you’d love to be involved in? If so, send an email to and we’ll get in contact with further plans.