Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals

A workbook for Further Education Institutions

The SDG Workbook has been developed specifically for use by FE tutors. Through our partnerships, practitioners have requested DP to develop a workbook with sessions on the SDG's specifically for adults in formal and non-formal learning contexts including groups in the community work sector. They highlighted that it should be accessible and easy to use with sessions for each of the 17 SDGs that could be delivered individually based on the interest of the adults and communitities with whom they work.

The 17 SDGs with their 169 targets and 2030 agenda can initially be overwhelming to people. This workbook is our response to support tutors in building their capacity and knowledge in order to incorportae the SDGs into their existing work content and context. Making the SDGs relevant to people's lives and building knowledge of them, drawing from people's own lived expereince and not just 'things' that are 'out there' and 'nothing to do with me or my community' is vital in terms of this work. This workbook seeks to make SDGs accessible and facilitate deep and critical engagement with complex issues by focusing on one goal at a time.