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Our Vision is of a global community working together to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all


Slí provides an education and knowledge sharing hub for sustainablilty

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Our future needs appropriate action now. Discover what we do and what you can do

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The Slí Water Footprint Calculator

Your water footprint is the water you use every day. It’s the water that’s used to grow your food, to produce the energy you use, to make your clothes and books, the water we use directly such as flushing that toilet!

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From the Blog

11 May

No Garden? No Problem! - Vertical Growing

The second of our World Earth Day videos! 🌍 No garden? Tiny space? Then these are for you!

09 May

No Garden? No Problem! - Composting

This World Earth Day we're put together some exciting videos! 🌍 No garden? Tiny space? Then these are for you!

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SLÍ is a social enterprise. All fundraising goes back into running the organisation. We need volunteers, word of mouth and good will. We also really need financial support.

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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

– Robert Swan, Author